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Its running gear was similar to that of the Simca 8 Sport, with the same iteration of the engine, benefitting from a higher compression ratio. The car was built by Facel-Métallon in Colombes. In September 1952, the 1953 Simca 9 Sport featured all-new bodywork, curvier and with more glazing. Again, it featured steel bodywork of Facel's manufacture, and, again, it was heavier and thus no faster than the Aronde sedan on which the expensive Sport was based.[3] A single convertible prototype was built.[3] For model year 1954 the only difference was redesigned hubcaps with a stylized "S". The 9 Sport name was then retired as of September 1954.[4] For 1955 the car was renamed the Simca Coupé de Ville (with the same bodywork), with full equipment and downplaying the "sport" aspect.
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