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Mustang GTP

1983 - 1984
United States

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In 1983, the GTX class of the IMSA GT Championship became obsolete, and was replaced by the IMSA GTP category. As a result, Ford needed a new car, as their Ford Mustang GTX was no longer eligible for competition. Bob Riley was selected to design the car, which, somewhat unusually, was front engined; it used a 2.1-litre turbocharged variant of the Ford Cosworth BDA straight-four engine, capable of producing around 600 hp (447 kW; 608 PS).[1] Roush Performance and Protofab built the chassis and bodywork, which consisted of carbon fibre panels bonded to a carbon fibre and Nomex composite monocoque chassis, which was reinforced with Kevlar in key areas.[1] The car's aerodynamics were configured to maximize the downforce generated by ground effects, although the suspension was fairly conventional; double wishbones with KONI coil-over springs, and adjustable sway bars at both ends of the car.[1] Ford's chairman, Philip Caldwell, was positive about the car's development, stating that he felt it was "a clear edge of technological development."[2] The car used a fairly conventional Hewland five-speed manual transmission to transmit the power, and it weighed approximately 1,770 lb (803 kg).[2] Three cars were built as part of the program.[2]
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