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330 LMB

1963 - 1963

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4 FERRARI 330 LMB produced

Four 330 LMB GT racing cars (with LMB standing for Le Mans Berlinetta) were built in 1963. This model is also known as the 330 LM. First presented in March 1963 alongside the mid-engined 250 P, they were essentially a development of the 250 GTOs and fitted with the 4-litre 330 engine, here rated at 390 hp (291 kW) at 7,500 rpm.[6] Although the front is visually similar to the 250 GTOs, the main structure came from the 250 Lusso. The four 330 LMBs are distinct from the three 1962 330 GTOs; the 330 LMB chassis and body differed significantly from the 330 GTO, which was almost identical to the 250 GTO.[7] The wheelbase, at 2,420 mm (95 in),[6] was also 20 mm longer than either the Lusso's or the GTO's. The raised plates on the top of the rear fenders were necessary to clear the rear tires. The 330 LMB did not see much racing, as Ferrari was moving over to the mid-engined layout for racing. One retired at Sebring 1963, while of three starters at Le Mans that year, two retired and the car of Jack Sears and Mike Salmon came in fifth. After this, the LMB saw no more works entries.[8]
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