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Bronco (4th Gen)

1987 - 1991
United States

🗃 SUV ✅ Production Figures

A total of 235,451 FORD Bronco (4th Gen) have been produced on earth in United States between 1987 and 1991.

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History of the FORD Bronco (4th Gen)

For the 1987 model year, the fourth-generation Bronco was designed as a short-wheelbase version of the eighth-generation Ford F-150. Sharing its chassis with the previous generation, the 1987 Bronco was given a number of updates to both the exterior and interior. Sharing a common front fascia with the F-Series, the Bronco received a reshaped front bumper, flatter front grille, and reshaped hood; composite headlamps replaced the previous sealed-beam units. In another body revision, the wheel openings were reshaped. The interior was given redesigned front seats, door panels, dashboard and controls (including a new steering wheel), and instrument panels. The Bronco returned its 4.9L inline-6, 5.0L V8, and the 5.8L H.O. V8 engines from the previous generations; first introduced on the 5.0L V8 in 1985, fuel injection was added to the inline-6 for 1987 and to the 5.8L V8 for 1988. For the 1988 model year, a Mazda-sourced 5-speed manual was introduced. The 3-speed C6 automatic was offered from 1987 to 1990, phased out in favor of the overdrive-equipped 4-speed AOD (1990 only) and heavier-duty E4OD (1990-1991). In the interest of safety, rear-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS) became standard for the 1987 model. As an option, push-button control was introduced for the four-wheel drive system for 1987. For 1988, skid plates for the transfer case became standard equipment.

Upgrades & Evolutions during the FORD Bronco (4th Gen) production

What are the FORD Bronco (4th Gen) paint codes?

Alpine Green 1990
Alpine Green Metallic 1987 1988 1989
Alpine Green Metallic 1987 1988
Bright Regatta Blue 1987
Bright Regatta Blue 1988
Bright Regatta Blue 1990 1991
Cabernet Red 1988 1989
Cabernet Red 1990 1991
Colonial White 1990 1991
Crystal Blue Metallic 1989
Crystal Blue Metallic 1990
Dark Chestnut Metallic 1988 1989
Dark Chestnut Metallic 1988
Dark Chestnut Metallic 1990 1991
Dark Grey Metallic 1990 1991
Dark Walnut Metallic 1987
Deep Shadow Blue 1987 1988
Deep Shadow Blue 1990
Deep Shadow Blue Metallic 1988 1989
Deep Shadow Blue Metallic 1991
Desert Tan Metallic 1990 1991
Emerald Green Metallic 1991
Hunter Green 1990
Hunter Green Metallic 1989
Light Chestnut 1987 1988 1989
Light Chestnut Metallic 1987
Light Chestnut Metallic 1988
Light Sandalwood 1989
Light Sandalwood 1989
Light Sandalwood 1990
Light Sandalwood Metallic 1990
Medium Silver 1990
Pawnee Tan 1990 1991
Raven Black 1990 1991
Sandalwood 1990
Sandalwood Metallic 1989
Scarlet Red 1988 1989
Scarlet Red 1990 1991
Shadow Grey 1990
Shadow Grey Metallic 1987
Shadow Grey Metallic 1988 1989
Silver Clearcoat Metallic 1988 1989
Silver Metallic 1987
Silver Metallic 1990
Silver Metallic 1991
Twilight Blue 1990
Twilight Blue Metallic 1989

Renovation tutorials for the FORD Bronco (4th Gen)

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What are the production figures of the FORD Bronco (4th Gen) year by year?

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What is the average quotation of the FORD Bronco (4th Gen) year by year?

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FORD Bronco (4th Gen) quotations from DEC 2020 to AUG 2022

📉 Cheapest quotation : US$1,300
Average quotation : US$20,430
📈 Most expensive quotation : US$40,450

The FORD Bronco (4th Gen) has been produced in several configurations

🔹 1987 FORD - Bronco (4th Gen)🔹 1988 FORD - Bronco (4th Gen)🔹 1989 FORD - Bronco (4th Gen)🔹 1990 FORD - Bronco (4th Gen)🔹 1991 FORD - Bronco (4th Gen)
Are you currently working on a FORD Bronco (4th Gen) renovation project?
We have created a community of classic car renovators where you will find the best tricks for renovating your car.

FORD Bronco (4th Gen) for sale

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