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1976 - 1996
United States

🗃 Full-Size Luxury

Through 1984, all Fleetwood series cars were rear wheel drive. For 1985, "Fleetwood" was used on new front wheel drive models which were made through 1992. In 1987, a stretched wheelbase car was offered and named the Fleetwood 60 Special, a name which was last used in 1970 for the non-Brougham RWD Fleetwood car. During this time, the rear wheel drive cars built on the older Fleetwood platform dating from 1977 continued to be offered as "Fleetwood Brougham" (later shortened to "Brougham"). In 1993, a new rear wheel drive Fleetwood was introduced, but was discontinued after 1996. A custom stretched-wheelbase version of Cadillac's front wheel drive DeVille was offered as the Fleetwood Limited by Superior Coach Company in 1998 and 1999.
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