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Series 490

1915 - 1922
United States

🗃 mid-size

The Chevrolet Series 490 (or Four-Ninety) is a Brass Era American automobile, made from 1915 to 1922 by Chevrolet. Introduced in June 1915, the 490 sold for $490.[3] Chevrolet 490 was an immediate success and established the brand as a big player. The name would not denote the price for long (in 1921, the average price was $820[4]), but it would stay low enough to take a chunk out of the Model T market. The Model T started at $495 at the time. Chevrolet was soon so profitable that Billy Durant began buying shares of GM stock with his Chevrolet stock. Electric horns were standard.[3] And by 1921, standard equipment included a speedometer, and ammeter, dome lights (closed-body cars only), and headlight dimmers.[5]
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