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How many CITROEN BX have been produced on earth between 1982 and 1994 ?
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1982 - 1994

🗃 Large family car (D)

The Citroën BX was announced in June 1982,[3] but its commercial life really only began in the Autumn of that year,[3] with a Paris presentation on 2 October 1982[4] under the Eiffel Tower. The BX was designed to replace the successful small family car Citroën GS/GSA that was launched in 1970, with a larger vehicle (although the GSA continued until 1986). The French advertising campaign used the slogan "J'aime, j'aime, j'aime" showing the car accompanied by music written specially by Julien Clerc. The British advertising campaign used the slogan "Loves Driving, Hates Garages", reflecting the effort of Citroën to promote the reduced maintenance costs of the BX, over the higher than average maintenance costs of the technologically advanced GS/GSA; while still performing in the Citroën style on the road.
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