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1985 - 1991

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A total of 6,494 ALPINE GTA have been produced on earth in France between 1985 and 1991.

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History of the ALPINE GTA

At the beginning of February 1985, the Alpine GTA is replacing the Alpine A310. The name GTA for Grand Tourisme Alpine is an internal name for these cars. The GTA will be the direct successor of the A310 in being better in every domains. The GTA conception is quite normal for an Alpine : a frame on which you have a synthetical shell and a motor fixed at the back of the car. It was the first car launched by Alpine under Renault ownership (though Alpine had been affiliated with Renault for many years, with its earlier models using many Renault parts). Longer, wider, and taller, it effectively updated the design of its predecessor, the Alpine A310, updating that car's silhouette with modern design features like body-integrated bumpers and a triangular C-pillar with large rear windshield. Like its predecessor, it used the V6 PRV engine in a rear-engined layout, with extensive use of Polyester plastics and fibreglass for the body panels making it lighter and quicker than rivals such as the Porsche 944. Passenger room increased, making the rear seat more of a useful proposition, while equipment was much more complete and now included items such as power locks. It was one of the most aerodynamic cars of its time, the naturally aspirated version achieved a record 0.28 drag coefficient in its class. Due to its bigger tires and need for more cooling intakes, the Turbo's drag coefficient was a bit higher. The GTA name, used to denote the entire range of this generation, stands for "Grand Tourisme Alpine" but in most markets the car was marketed as the Renault Alpine V6 GT or as the Renault Alpine V6 Turbo. In Great Britain it was sold simply as the Renault GTA, as Sunbeam (and then Chrysler/Talbot) had been using the "Alpine" badge since the 1950s. Rather than being moulded in a single piece as for the preceding A310, the new Alpine's body was moulded in a large number of small separate panels. This required a major overhaul of the Alpine plant, leaving only the sandblasting machinery intact. The car was also considerably more efficient to manufacture, with the time necessary to build a finished car dropping from 130 to 77 hours - which was still a long time, but acceptable for a small-volume specialty car. The PRV engine in the naturally aspirated model was identical to the version used in the Renault 25, a 2849 cc unit producing 160 PS (118 kW; 158 hp). The small power gain compensated for the weight increase, up by 92 kg (203 lb). Also available was the more powerful turbocharged model, which used a smaller (2.5-liter) displacement. The central backbone chassis (with outriggers for side impact protection) was built by Heuliez and then transferred to Dieppe - aside from the body, most of the car was subcontracted to various suppliers. The drivetrain was mounted on a separate subframe, meaning it can be removed in as little as two hours. It was also moved 40 mm (1.6 in) forward (making the rear overhang shorter while nearly all other dimensions increased) compared to the A310, improving somewhat on that car's tailwards weight distribution. The transmission was the same Renault 30-based unit that the A310 had used, with some minor changes and somewhat longer fourth and fifth gears. Those gears were taller yet for the GT Turbo model. At the time of introduction, daily production number amounted to ten cars.This soon dropped considerably, as the somewhat less than prestigious Renault had a hard time in the sports car marketplace. The average production for the six full years of production was just above 1000 per annum, or just above three per day - almost identical to the A310 V6's annual production.

Upgrades & Evolutions during the ALPINE GTA production

🔸 ALPINE - GTA : 1985 - 1991

🔹 Produced for each model year :

🔹 1985 ALPINE - GTA

🔹 1986 ALPINE - GTA

🔹 1987 ALPINE - GTA

🔹 1988 ALPINE - GTA

🔹 1989 ALPINE - GTA

🔹 1990 ALPINE - GTA

🔹 1991 ALPINE - GTA

What are the ALPINE GTA paint codes?

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Renovation tutorials for the ALPINE GTA

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What is the average quotation of the ALPINE GTA year by year?

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ALPINE GTA quotations from AUG 2022 to AUG 2022

📉 Cheapest quotation : US$18,500
Average quotation : US$32,924
📈 Most expensive quotation : US$59,900

The ALPINE GTA has been produced in several configurations

🔹 1985 ALPINE - GTA🔹 1986 ALPINE - GTA🔹 1987 ALPINE - GTA🔹 1988 ALPINE - GTA🔹 1989 ALPINE - GTA🔹 1990 ALPINE - GTA🔹 1991 ALPINE - GTA
Are you currently working on a ALPINE GTA renovation project?
We have created a community of classic car renovators where you will find the best tricks for renovating your car.

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