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How many HILLMAN Super Minx have been produced on earth between 1961 and 1967 ?
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Super Minx

1961 - 1967
United Kingdom

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Announced in October 1961,[5][6] the Super Minx gave Rootes, and particularly its Hillman marque, an expanded presence in the upper reaches of the family car market. It has been suggested that the Super Minx design was originally intended to replace, and not merely to supplement, the standard Minx, but was found to be too big for that purpose.[4] An estate car joined the range in May 1962, and a two-door convertible in June 1962.[6] The convertible never sold in significant numbers: the last one was made in June 1964,[2] ahead of the introduction, in September 1964, of the Super Minx Mark III.
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