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Mark 1

1955 - 1959
United Kingdom

🗃 Mid-Size Luxury 5 seats 💺

37,397 JAGUAR Mark 1
have been produced in total on earth

The Jaguar Mark 1 is a British saloon car produced by Jaguar between 1955 and 1959. It was referred to in contemporary company documentation as the Jaguar 2.4 Litre and Jaguar 3.4 Litre.[2] Its designation Mark 1 followed its October 1959 replacement by Jaguar's 2.4-litre Mark 2.[3] The 2.4 Litre was the company's first small saloon since the end of its 1½ and 2½ Litre cars in 1949, and was an immediate success, easily outselling the larger much more expensive Jaguar saloons.
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