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1913 - 1919
United Kingdom

The Austin 20-hp is a mid-sized car premium quality that was made by British manufacturer Austin and first displayed as a chassis in Paris in December 1912, advertised in March 1913 and shown to the public as a complete car at the Olympia Motor Show in November 1913. At that time both the 20 and the 30 were regarded as new models. While at first glance it may have seemed to take the place within Austin's range of their 18-24 car which was really a 30-40 hp, its engine was just two-thirds of the size of the old car. The new car was not an enlarged 15 but a scaled-down 30. In its introduction and publicity it was always downplayed apparently to contrast with the more powerful Austin 30 hp. It was the only Austin car in production through the war though in limited quantity.
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