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1958 - 1962

🗃 Spider 2 seats 💺

6961 ALFA ROMEO 2000
have been produced in total in the universe

The 2000 was presented in 1957 at the Turin Motor Show, with 4-door, 6-seater saloon Berlina body.[1] Production started in 1958, and the car was available as Berlina or Spider convertible. In 1960, the Sprint coupé was added. The 2000 Berlina had gearbox operated via column-mounted shifter making space for three people in front. The two grand touring versions had the gear lever located in floor, and a higher output engine. Until 1961, when 2+2-seater became available, the Spider was a pure two-seater. The last 2000s were built in 1962, when the improved six-cylinder Alfa Romeo 2600 was phased in.
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