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1946 - 1952

71591 SKODA 1101-1102
have been produced in total on earth

The Škoda 1101 is a small family car that was produced by Czechoslovak automaker AZNP at their plants in Mladá Boleslav, Vrchlabí and Kvasiny. It was basically a modernized version of the Škoda Popular 1101, which was introduced in 1939. The main differences were a redesigned body (although still with wooden frame) and a new dashboard. Production of the Škoda 1101 began in 1946. In 1949 the Škoda 1102 entered production. It was virtually identical with 1101 type, except for a new column-mounted shifter. The two models were produced simultaneously, with 1102 chassis preferably used for sedan bodies and 1101 for vans, station-wagons and ambulances. Production ceased in 1952, by when about 67,000 vehicles had been made, of which some 50,000 vehicles were exported. The Škoda 1101/1102 is also known by the popular name Tudor, derived from its two-door sedan body, which was the first to come into production. This nickname was eventually commonly used for all 1101/1102, regardless of their body. A military version of the Škoda 1101 was built, called the Škoda 1101 VO. It has the same chassis and mechanicals as the standard Škoda 1101, with new all-steel, open 4-door body. In 1948–51 4,237 vehicles were produced, most of them for export.
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