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10 HP

1931 - 1934
United Kingdom

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1500 CROSSLEY 10 HP produced

The Crossley 10hp range was manufactured between 1931 and 1934. Approximately 1500 were made. Chassis numbers range from 10/101 to 10/1681. From 1932 the range was also sometimes referred to as "Quicksilver". A wide variety of bodies was available until 1933. From 1933 (chassis 10/445) the range was rationalised to just two, the Buxton and Torquay saloons. The Torquay was named after the prototype of the style won the Coachwork prize at the 1933 RAC rally which finished in that town. The Super Sports versions, available until 1933, had a tuned engine with twin carburettors and a different chassis with cruciform bracing and passing under the rear axle. A special racing versions was also made with 3 or possibly 4 being made. The engines were made by Coventry Climax but carried Crossley badging.
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