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Bronco Wildflower

1970 - 1971
United States

🗃 Four wheel drive 2 seats 💺

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History of the FORD Bronco Wildflower

By 1970, the Dune Buster had been painted and reupholstered and was now the swinging flower power concept called the Wildflower. In reality not much had changed though. The exterior wood was gone and a psychedelic flower paint job replaced it. Inside the seats were given matching flower power center sections. Sadly, no one knows what became of this celebrity show car once it was no longer fashionable. The Wildflower, a specially customized version of Ford Division's popular four-wheel-drive Bronco, is sure to be one of the most colorful show cars on display at automobile shows this year. The unique vehicle, planned in Ford's Design Center in Dearborn, Mich., was extensively modified, inside and out, to achieve a lively carefree appearance with added luxury and safety features. The dominant exterior characteristic of the Wildflower is the lively multi-colored paint treatment. The psychedelic design of blues, yellows and reds is topped off by a pink grille. Modifications include a National Hot Rod Association approved roll bar with integral headrests, a windshield design coordinated with the contour of the roll bar and exposed chrome exhaust pipes. The heating shielding rocker panel behind the pipes is formed of black and white anodized aluminum. Chrome wheel lip moldings accent the machined steel alloy wheels, which are equipped with knockoff hubs. The hood was redesigned to incorporate an air scoop for added engine cooling. Rubber "snubbers" protect the bumpers from scratches and a performance-type gas fill enhances the car's sporty flair. Completing the exterior modifications are unique stepover door panels with padded sills, built-in steps and assist handles. Custom interior appointments are highlighted by front bucket seats covered in brightly flowered vinyl upholstery with vinyl bolsters. A walnut steering wheel and walnut-trimmed control knobs highlight the colorful padded instrument panel. Red loop carpeting covers the floor in both front and rear compartments, and both the front seats and the jump seats in the rear are equipped with deluxe push-button seat belts.

Upgrades & Evolutions during the FORD Bronco Wildflower production

What are the FORD Bronco Wildflower paint codes?

Acapulco Blue 1970
Astra Blue Metallic 1971
Bahama Blue 1971
Boxwood Green 1971
Calypso Coral 1971
Caramel Bronze Metallic 1970
Diamond Blue 1970
Diamond Blue 1971
Grabber Green 1971
Mallard Green 1971
Medium Brown Metallic 1971
Mojave Tan 1970 1971
Pinto Yellow 1970
Prairie Yellow 1971
Regis Red 1971
Seafoam Green 1971
Swiss Aqua 1971
Yucatan Gold 1970

Renovation tutorials for the FORD Bronco Wildflower

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What is the average quotation of the FORD Bronco Wildflower year by year?

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FORD Bronco Wildflower quotations from DEC 2020 to DEC 2021

📉 Cheapest quotation : US$9,500
Average quotation : US$66,795
📈 Most expensive quotation : US$165,000

The FORD Bronco Wildflower has been produced in several configurations

🔹 1970 FORD - Bronco Wildflower🔹 1971 FORD - Bronco Wildflower
Are you currently working on a FORD Bronco Wildflower renovation project?
We have created a community of classic car renovators where you will find the best tricks for renovating your car.

FORD Bronco Wildflower for sale

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